I have witnessed many miracles in my time as a preacher and never cease to be amazed at the power of God the saviour. And I am blessed that so many people have got in touch with me to share their experiences of being touched by the Holy Spirit:

My name is Gwandoya and I have given my life to the Lord Jesus. I had previously been homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol for eight years.
One day, when I was looking for warmth and protection from the streets, I ended up attending a meeting held by James Collins. To my own surprise, I found myself touched by his words and responded to the altar call. James held my hands and told me I no longer needed to live the life I was living and that I should turn to God for salvation.
The power of God touched my life and I was instantly able to turn my back on my old life of addiction to drugs and alcohol.
I am now working for the lord and travelling with a healing ministry through Africa.
I want to say to James how much of a hugely positive impact he has had and continues to have on my life and ministry. May the Lord enrich and bless you in Jesus name.
- Gwandoya

I have found the strength to carry on living thanks to James Collins who, by God’s help, miraculously healed me of my arthritis.
For five years, I had suffered from a crippling arthritis in both of my knees that made life very uncomfortable. But after attending a meeting with James I found myself able to do things I had long given up hope of ever doing again.
I hold James Collins in high esteem and thank him with all my heart for bringing the healing powers of the Lord into my life – Amen
- Abbo

I write to say how grateful I am to James Collins for helping me out of the darkness and into the light by the healing powers of the Lord our saviour who healed me in spirit body and soul.
Before I attended a meeting with James I had poor vision in both of my eyes.
At the meeting I could feel the Holy Spirit entering my body and taking control of my soul.
When James called people to the front, I felt myself moving forward, drawn as if by an invisible power. On the stage I was slain by the spirit.
When I came too, James spoke to me and said he could feel my pain and that God would help me see better again, yet I had never had the chance to explain my partial blindness to him!
He laid his hands on me and imparted the Holy Spirit to me.
When he had finished I looked out from the stage and could see faces much more clearly than I could before.
I thank the Lord for this miracle and for bringing James into the world to share his miracle of healing. May James Collins long continue in his ministries and I wish him all successes in the future.
- John

I am so grateful to Pastor James for helping keep our family together.
My son had lost his way and was addicted to drugs, he seemed to be deaf to everything we tried to tell him and every offer of help we gave him, we thought we would surely lose him.
But on one day, he relented and we managed to get him to attend a service by Pastor James. We knew that if he could hear the Pastor’s personal experiences and how he had been saved by God, we might be able to reach him.
Pastor James spoke to him directly and even spent time after the service with him. He managed to get him to listen and after almost having given up hope we are now so joyous to have our lovely son back once more in our family and God’s family.
The Wallace Family

In 2002 I had a very serious car accident which took the use of both of my legs. The doctors told me I would never walk again and since then I have lived my life confined to a wheelchair. For someone who used to love playing football this was truly devastating, knowing I could never enjoy that feeling again.
Times have been very hard and in my darkest hours I often felt that I was being punished for something. However, meeting Pastor Collins has truly changed my life! I was introduced to him by friends who knew how much it would mean to me to be healed. I instantly felt a connection with him and could feel the power of God truly alive within him. I went in to a meeting with him sat in my wheelchair but walked out without any help. It truly was a miracle!
Thank you so much Pastor Collins, through your work and the power of God I am healed!
Frederico Hernandes.

After 22 years of struggle and hardship I am finally able to walk straight, walk tall, gain employment and begin a real life.
My spine has been twisted since birth; the few years I have been on this planet have been hard, it was only really Jesus that got me through.
But then you, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit crossed my path at the meeting last week and changed my life.
As soon as you laid your hands on me, I felt drunk on the Holy Spirit, when I hit the ground I knew my life had changed, I felt the pain ease in my spine, the agony had begun to melt away.
I give praise to the lord that he invested his power and Holy Spirit into you and I was chosen to be healed; forever I will give my life to God, live by his word and to you I will be eternally thankful.
A miracle has happened and for that I will rejoice for the rest of my days on Gods beautiful earth.
God Bless!

To James I owe everything, for he has touched my life in ways that I thought impossible.
Depression had its firm grip on my soul yet after 15 years of darkness he helped me to see the light & gave me the strength to carry on.
Through his guidance and prayer, unimaginable changes have taken place, leading me to a brighter, more fulfilling future.
God Bless You James.
- Frances

Pastor James I am writing to you to let you know that my painful period of unemployment and worrying about my young family’s future is over!
I came to you last year and asked you to pray for me, I had just been made redundant at the time and with little qualifications, I knew the job prospects for me would be scarce, with a young family dependent on me; I was scared, especially in a recession.
But you gave me faith, and told me to pray and that you would pray for me. Pastor James I believe it was because of you and the good lord that I am now able to provide for my family, I cannot thank you enough. You are truly one of Gods greatest disciples on earth. Thank you God for Pastor James Collins.
Jan Oyebad

Pastor James I must thank you for leading me into the path of righteousness with the Lord. When I witnessed first hand the bombs on the London Underground, I lost all sense of love and trust in the world. I fell into a deep depression for many years which I felt I could never come out of.
But with your guidance and prayers I feel healed and whole again. I pray every day to thank the Lord for bringing you to me, we are truly blessed.
Mr T Myles

When I had all but given up hope, Pastor Collins was the guiding light that saw me through.
Life had taken me to a grave place, following the death of a loved one, shortly followed by unemployment and subsequent desperation for myself and my family.
When I felt like there was no more left in me, a friend from the church recommended going to one of Pastor Collins services.
Something wonderful happened that day which has since seen a change in me.
He gave me the hope and inspiration to get back on my feet and find my way, for the sake of the lord and my family.
Without his guidance, where would I be now.? I owe it all to this incredible inspiring Pastor.
Thank you for giving me hope.
Mary Buenta