Mission Goals: Fire Not Failure

The vision of the Gifts of the Spirit Ministries is to bring the light of God’s healing power into the darkness of sickness, to perform mercy, deliver God’s people from the enemies of drugs and powerlessness and proclaim separation to the Lord.
Luke Chapter 1: verses 67 – 79.

1/ God has used James to bring the light of the Gospel to those in Darkness.
Acts Chapter 13: Verse 47.

2/ God has poured out His anointed mercy through this ministry in divine healing, signs, wonders and miracles by bringing freedom to those bound by prince of this world.
Luke Chapter 4: Verse 18.

3/ God has used James, like Samson of Old, to destroy the edifices of the enemy and bring deliverance from doubt, depression and divorce.
Judges Chapter 16: Verses 23 – 30

4/ God ministers through James a special message of union with God though Jesus Christ, so His saints might receive His power and return to their first love. His message is one of love not legalism and true holiness not hypocrisy.
Revelation Chapter 2: Verse 4.