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The Ministry Of Pastor James Collins

“I believe that those who come to God and offer themselves up to His kingdom without conditions will see their faith rewarded with His blessing and a fruitful life. I have been preaching the word of God since the early 90s when I first had a vision of God’s purpose for me on this beautiful planet, filling me with the gifts of the spirit. He has gifted me with the power to heal those who need it most and I praise the Lord for bestowing on me His love and allowing me to share it with thousands of people.”

“For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord” Jeremiah 30:17

- Pastor James Collins

BREAKING NEWS: James Collins to bring his ministries to Dallas and Fort Worth Texas in December 2010.

“For a while I have had a sense from deep within that the Lord wanted me to go and spread His healing love in America. As time went by the feeling grew ever stronger, the signs became clearer and then came the dreams about a specific location in the US full of God’s people waiting for me to deliver His words. My research into the images from these visions lead me to believe He meant me to go to Texas.

This was finally all made clear when I was visited by an angel who woke me one night to tell me that I had indeed been selected for a special mission to Texas. I was told that the Lord would help me find the financial backing for this mission and many will be healed. To my amazement He has indeed provided and I now have all the funds to fulfil this mission and I am ready to take His love to the people of this great state”